Orange County Wood Refinishing Company has been serving customers throughout

Orange County for many years, specializing in Wood Door Refinishing, Garage Door and

Gate Refinishing. With our impeccable customer service, we pay attention to every detail

a homeowner requests. Alongside our high-end projects, we have made a name for

ourselves by continuing to surpass our competition in our field.

The entry DOOR increases the curb appeal, as well as to provide the first impression of

the home. Orange County Wood Refinishing Company can present the best quality door,

employing highly skilled professional staff who excels at high quality workmanship.

Using state of the art equipment, no job is too big or too small. Strong believers in

excellent business relationships and responsiveness, we never walk away from a project

unless our customer is 100% satisfied. Regardless of how much time has lapsed since we

have finished the project, we dedicate ourselves to respond to the issues or questions.

Orange County Wood Refinishing Company focuses on our core competency of wood

refinishing, and we are well diversified to respond to other remodeling and home projects

as well:

1. New door installation and repair

2. Wood gate and garage door refinishing services

3. Threshold and hinge repair and replacement

4. Varnish refinishing (applying a new coat of varnish over existing finish)

5. Door knob and dead bolt installations

6. Door adjustments and weather-stripping replacement

7. Door handle cleaning and repair